Hogarel needs your help to plant a forest!


Hi there! I would like to plant a forest to help restore the 2 million hectares destroyed during the last haze. Together, if you join my campaign, we'll plant a tree in Singapore and at least 15 trees in Indonesia.

If you give $33 or more, you get to name your own tree and WWF will send you a picture of the tree, and our interactive map will show you where our forest will grow.

Here is the forest so far:

Hogarel has raised $0.00 of the $500.00 target. The forest has grown to 0 trees.

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We are updating this system at the moment. Please bear with us as we are adding new features and will add up to 3 more updates for your trees. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Besides coming together to plant a tree in Singapore, you'll get to name your tree(s) in Indonesia and we'll send you pictures, and a map to see exactly where your tree is growing:

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