Start growing your own forest!


Start growing your own forest!

Sumatra, home to tigers, elephants, rhinos and orang-utans has lost 55% of its natural forest cover. During parts of September and October 2015, the average daily emissions from the forest fires in Indonesia were higher than US emissions – an economy 10 times the size of Indonesia. In a short period of 6 weeks, Indonesia was catapulted to the fourth-largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world.

This year, we can all do something about it! You can sign the PEAT-ition to stop the burning and grow your own forest.


Rally your friends, family and community and start your own forest.
By raising $500, you’ll:

  1. Plant a tree in Singapore (planting sessions start in April)
  2. Support the SG Garden City Fund for a lush and vibrant City in a Garden.
  3. We will plant 15 trees for you in Aceh, Indonesia – and you’ll even get to name them.
  4. We’ll send you pictures of every tree you’ve planted and you can visit your forest on an interactive map.


Start Your Forest